Let’s Read // 04


Running Away to Home – Jennifer Wilson

This month’s book club pick was one I didn’t think I’d get into or enjoy. In fact, I was a little unsure I’d be able to finish it in time, as I put off starting it for a few weeks. And yet, I surprised myself and devoured it.

The local author turned out to be witty, humorous and transparent in her thoughts and feelings, and I felt I really got to know her and her family. Throughout the book I had a small taste of wanderlust. I was envious of her abrupt decision to uproot her family and throw them into completely different world. What a brave and remarkable decision to make. Their experiences were nothing short of amazing and inspiring. For a brief few blissful hours {while completely entranced by this book while lying on a beach in Florida}, I dreamed of how easy it would be for me and Brian to do the same, the incredible experiences we could have. And then the real world snapped back pretty quickly.

For anyone who’s ever thought of doing something similar, read this book. At the very least it’s fun to live vicariously through Jennifer’s journey.

Side note: Jennifer came to our book club to answer questions and discuss her book. I was immediately taken with how smart and charismatic she is. A seriously cool lady.


2 thoughts on “Let’s Read // 04

  1. I love memoir, and I’d never heard of this one. After reading the blurb on Amazon, I can see that this is exactly the kind of thing I get into. Thanks for pointing me to this one! (And how cool that you got to meet the author, too! Does that mean she and her family have moved back to the States?)

    • I’m glad you’re intrigued Sharon! Yes, the author spent about a year in Croatia/surrounding areas before moving back to the Des Moines, IA area. If you end up reading it I’d love to hear your thoughts!

      I’d also love any recommendations you have for some good memoirs – it’s a genre I haven’t delved much into but think I’d enjoy.

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