Happy Weekend!

The week flew by {thankfully} and I am so looking forward to this weekend. Nothing is on the agenda which means I have two full days to accomplish…well…whatever I want I’m thinking a good book, sleeping in, outdoor time with Perrin and making something tasty {it’s been far too long}. Sleep, eat, read. Sounds about … Continue reading



via Sydney had a pretty great post about being “busy” and using that excuse, if you will, to project a sort of picture of how well you’re living your life. Accomplishing as much as you possibly can. It struck a chord with me because I think “busy” is one of my most common responses when … Continue reading



It’s been a long time coming but I am finally going to post some pictures from our wedding. Sorry for the photo overload in advance, but here are some of my favorite photos, details and moments. It was really and truly the happiest day of my life. Preparations Unfortunately I don’t have any photos to … Continue reading


Stuffed Cabbages

Mom, I must have been delirious last night when you asked me if I made anything delicious lately and I answered “no not really”. Lame. We did make something delicious. More than delicious – mouthwatering. Brian’s grandmother was in town and she had promised to teach us how to make her stuffed cabbages. She wasn’t lying when she … Continue reading


Trestle Bridge

The Trestle Bridge, named for the old railroad bridge that runs across the Des Moines River, sits 130 feet over the valley. The views are impressive but the most unique part about the bridge is the set of blue LED lights that highlight a section of the bridge at night. I’ve had the opportunity to … Continue reading