Weekend Fragments

The long weekend went by way too fast – as do most good things. I really didn’t accomplish much and we were pretty lazy for the most part. Which I guess is sometimes nice. But it does leave me scrambling to get certain things finished before leaving this weekend {namely overdue thank you cards}. I did catch up on sleep and I woke up this morning feeling refreshed {although that could of been the new bed we upgraded to} which was my main goal for the weekend. All in all it was good –  wish it had lasted longer.

{quiet morning with coffee and an old issue of food and wine}

Remember when I made strawberries with cheesecake stuffing? This time I tried raspberries. Awesome.

{the prettiest flower I ever did see plant}

{shamrock plant from the wedding – revived!}

{a casualty from a reckless garden hose}

{dinner saturday night – homemade macaroni and cheese}

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