Strawberries With Cheesecake Stuffing

I love dessert. I love making it. I love eating it. And with spring/summer bringing deliciously sweet fruits, we are provided with such an inspiration for desserts. While I am a self-prescribed chocaholic, I do tend to gravitate often to fruit desserts, and this one was no exception. I made a small batch for work tomorrow but secretly wished I had something else I could bring because I wanted to keep these for myself – so good! I started thinking about what else I could stuff with this amazing cheesecake mixture – poppable cherries or perhaps a roasted peach? Mmm, variations I’m thinking I need to try! Enjoy!

{got to break into one of my favorite wedding presents – thanks Ash!}

4 thoughts on “Strawberries With Cheesecake Stuffing

  1. Bridget,
    You could just mail it to your father. I would protect you from all those calories and fats.

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