Foggy Morning


Woke up early to take Perrin for a run down Mississippi River Blvd. It’s a great, relatively flat trail featuring gorgeous old houses on the east side of the road and the mighty Mississippi on the west. Everything was bathed in an early morning blanket of misty fog. It was beautiful. Quiet, peaceful, still a little chilly. I wish I had had my camera on me. We ran across the Ford Street bridge and the river was so beautiful. I love fog. It makes everything seem so mysterious and slightly eerie. It’s times like these when I miss living in Minnesota. There are so many outdoor spaces with trails, an abundance of lakes {over 10,000!}. Des Moines, can you please be a little more like Minnesota? Thanks.

p.s. Don’t you love weeping willows? It makes me think of the house I grew up in – we had a huge one in our backyard.

One thought on “Foggy Morning

  1. I love your comments. You wrote great descriptions. I could picture the river and the bridge. Of course I love your comments about Minnesota. It is the only place I have lived.

    I look forward to seeing you again in 19 days for your wedding.

    Love you,


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