Weekend Bits

This was a great weekend. On Saturday, two of my oldest friends came down from MN to visit. We checked out my wedding dress {yay!}, bridesmaid shoes and dresses, ate way too much and caught up on life in general. Sunday consisted of a nap with Perrin, a much needed run with Perrin, catching up on blogs from this past week, reading a little and giving Perrin a bath. I had today off which turned out to be a very good thing since I was able to take Perrin to the vet {poor guy – but I was able to reward him with a very long walk/run} and tackle a few things on my very long wedding to-do list. I have a feeling that my weekends from now until the wedding will be pretty full, so I’m glad I was able to fit in some much needed R&R. Hope yours was as great as mine!

{amazing food and wine selections at Trostel’s Dish}

Unfortunately, I didn’t get any photos with the girls this weekend, so I’m going to make the next few pics all about Perrin:)

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