Easy Springtime Pasta


This is a fresh and easy pasta dish that can serve well as either a side or main course. The original version {recipe here} is served meatless. Since that’s usually a no-go in my household, I grilled up some chicken and tossed it in right before serving. The ricotta, lemon and sugar snaps create an amazing blend of flavors I would normally be hesitant to try on my husband, but he ate this one right up {I did forgo the mint though, as that may have been pushing it}. I’m always on the hunt for recipes that hint at comfort food {thus satisfying Brian’s tastes} but still allow for a big veggie influx {thus satisfying my tastes}. This is a great one to add to the mix, experimenting with various veggies depending on the season. And is ready in less than 30 minutes!

IMG_3938IMG_3949IMG_3945 IMG_3942IMG_3940IMG_3953


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