Ireland {part 5}


When I think of typical Irish landscape, green fields always come to mind. Green fields, green hedges, green trees and green bushes. So when I came across so many different pops of color on a walk we took from Cahir Castle to the Swiss Cottage, I couldn’t resist getting out the camera. The walk was through a tunnel of green btw – perfection.

The rest of this day trip involved two very distinct dwellings: One amazingly restored castle and one beautiful but odd little cottage. One, a typical structure you might find upon roaming the countryside of Ireland. The other, a strange sight not so typical of Irish design. Both very unique and impressive in their own right.

Sidenote – it’s my brother’s birthday today. Happy birthday Paul!

CahirCahir2 Cahir4Cahir6 Cahir5tunnelgateleavesdoor
{secret garden?}
{oh the silly Irish :}

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