A Chocolate Treat

I have a love affair with peanut butter. It’s one of my favorite foods. I could easily sit with the jar eating spoonful after spoonful for a snack – and I have far too many shameful times. So when I saw chocolate peanut butter at the local grocery store, I obviously had to test it … Continue reading


Seeing is Believing

I’ve never been much of a make-up user. I think it stems from equal parts not knowing what I’m doing and not really caring. But after seeing this article and the photo below, it made me re-think my daily face regime. {via} I have extremely pale skin and don’t tan much at all. In addition, … Continue reading


Fancy Cookies

When I saw these cookies I just knew I had to make them. And they turned out like a dream. Soft, melty, sweet, almost sinfully delicious. I couldn’t leave these lying around though, otherwise they would have become unwanted poundage. So they turned into a Monday morning treat for my co-workers. I kid you not, … Continue reading



The trailer for the final Twilight movie has been released! Yes, I’m a dork and somewhat of a twihard. I never even thought the books were all that well written and yet somehow, like so many others, I was sucked in. And I’ll be counting down the days until the premiere. Midnight showing perhaps? So … Continue reading